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Maplewood Course Selection Instructions

Student course selections for next year are done through the student’s maplewood account. Students log in to Maplewood ConnectEd on the Hapnot webpage using their username (first initial, last name) and password (MET number). Prior to making selections, students need to ensure they have completed compulsory courses in each grade level before choosing the next […]

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Did You Know? Top 100 Jobs in Canada

Canada’s #2 Job/Career: Nurse Practitioner Estimated salary: $84,510 yr Salary Growth (2010–2016): +19% Total Employees: 5,500 Job Description: The responsibilities of a nurse practitioner are greater than a registered nurse but less than a doctor. They’ve got advanced training and the additional responsibility to diagnose and treat illnesses, and as of 2017, can prescribe certain […]

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