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Maplewood Course Selection Instructions

Student course selections for next year are done through the student’s maplewood account.
Students log in to Maplewood ConnectEd on the Hapnot webpage using their username (first initial, last name) and password (MET number).

Prior to making selections, students need to ensure they have completed compulsory courses in each grade level before choosing the next required level of that subject. Students can check their credit count in the TRANSCRIPTS section of ConnectED. The COURSES tab provides marks on courses taken and completed, while the SUMMARY tab provides credit counts for the various subject areas.

When choosing courses, students select the TIMETABLE tab and then choose CHOICES from the drop down list. To begin adding selections, students click on the EDIT button. Students open up the file tree and select the specific courses they want to take (for example, a student will click on the SCIENCE file for a list of all the science courses available, then click on the specific grade level of the course s/he wants to take: BIO30S). Students should select all courses as mandatory (instead of optional) to ensure the program attempts to schedule all selections.

A description will appear on the top right side of the page and students will select ADD (appear at the bottom of the description) to make the course selection. Students continue to select specific courses from the files until they have chosen all the courses they want in their timetable. For some courses, if a student has not completed a prerequisite, the program will refuse to add the course to the list. Please send Mrs.Garinger an email (sgaringer@ffsd.mb.ca) with the name of the requested course and it will be put in manually. The program will keep the selections after students logout, so if they want to go back to change things in the next few days, they can.

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