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Welcome to Hapnot Collegiate!

Here is some general information about our school, and documents that you may need. On this website, you can also learn more about our school, check out our sports and extracurricular programs, and contact teachers.

Remind 101

One of the best ways to stay in touch with what’s happening at Hapnot is to through the school’s phone-based REMIND 101 program. It is called Hapnot Happenings. We post daily announcements, and any other events that are going on in the school.
To access Remind messages (for free) text 1-204-800-5710 from your cellphone. The body of the text should be @hapnot-hap


Keep track of your progress in your classes through the Maplewood program.

Maplewood for Staff
Maplewood for Students

Parents and guardians: click here for a video on accessing report cards and student info through Maplewood

Document Downloads for Students & Parents

Flin Flon School Division Calendar

NEW!Hapnot Student Handbook 2017-2018

Understanding and Responding to Bullying — A Guide for Parents (English) (French)

Course Descriptions

(Parent/Guardian) Permission Slip (PDF)

Attendance Brochure: Flin Flon School Division (PDF)

Student Accident Insurance (external link)

Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment Form Sudden Cardiac Arrest card (PDF)

Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment Form (PDF)


Bus Schedules

Northern Bus Lines Bus Schedule (external link, updated Sept 2015)

Channing Bus Schedule (2014-2015)

Hapnot Policies

Have a question or concern about one of our policies? Please contact us.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Hapnot Collegiate believes that the use of illegal drugs and alcohol has absolutely no place in school events. We believe that students need guidance and leadership to understand the place of drugs and alcohol in the community.

Students, regardless of their age, found to have in their possession, to have consumed, or to be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol while in school, on school trips, or at school events are subject to the following:

First Offence
1. Indefinite suspension from school. Students must apply to the Division Drug and Alcohol Disciplinary Commitee for re-instatement into school. If re-instated in school there will be a minimum suspension from school for two weeks.

The Division Drug and Alcohol Disciplinary Committee shall be made up of the following representatives: one Hapnot staff representative, on Hapnot administrative representative, one Parent Council representative, one senior administrative representative, one school board representative.

2. Prior to meeting with the Division Drug and Alcohol Committee the student must be able to demonstrate that they have had an assessment with either CADAC or AFM, have started implementation of a rehabiliation plan, and can assure the committee that there will be no further use of drugs or alcohol at school or during school functions.

Prior to re-admittance to school the recommendations of the various committee members will be used to formulate a performance contract for the student understanding that the reinstatement is of a probabtionary nature. Regular CADAC/AFM sessions, school-based guidance sessions, attendance and other performance criteria are examples of items that could be incuded in a performance contract.

3. Loss of all extracurricular activities for a period of one year from the date of the occurrence.

Second Offence
Should there be a second drug/alcohol violation by the student within a one year time period, a recommendation to the Flin Flon School Board of Trustees for expulsion from the Flin Flon School Division will be made by Hapnot Collegiate administration.

Attendance Policies


As Hapnot Collegiate has a semester system, it is extremely important that no classes be missed. CLASS ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY.

School policy in regards to attendance is as follows:

Withdrawal from courses:

It is hoped that every student will constantly strive to attain a suitable standard in each class in which they are enrolled. A student cannot voluntarily withdraw from a course. Requests to withdraw will be dealt with by administrators, counsellors and teachers through the office and with the consent of parents.

Limits on attendance:
A student may miss up to 10 per cent of any course without endangering their credit standing. Under extenuating circumstances, Hapnot may grant a credit when a student has exceeded 10 absences in a full credit course or 5 absences in a half credit course.

Excused Absences:
Excused absences are those absences deemed to be acceptable as described in the Public Schools Act. Absences due to illness or for religious reasons should be verified by parent/guardian signature.

Notes verifying reasons for student absence(s) should be written in the student’s agenda and shown to the attendance clerk in the office to update the student’s attendance record. Notes should also be shown to teachers the day the student returns to classes. Notes verifying absenteeism will be required prior to students being permitted to write any tests or missed work due to absence from class.

Pre-Arranged Absences:
If a parent/guardian will be removing a student from classes for reasons that they deem appropriate (e.g. an extended family vacation that cannot be scheduled outside of class time), we ask that prior notice be given to the school and teachers, and that arrangements be made to make up missed work. Pre-arranged absences will count as part of the student attendance totals in most cases.

Truancy is defined as missing classes without the sanction of the school or a parent/guardian, in a manner that is contrary to the Public Schools Act. Truancy is cause for suspension. A student who is truant three times may be withdrawn from the course.

Students are responsible for being in class on time. It is understandable that on occasion a student might be delayed. Each classroom teacher will develop a plan to deal with tardiness. Students who continue to be tardy will be referred to the school administration.

Signing out of Classes:
Students are expected to schedule appointments outside of class time whenever possible. Students who must leave class are expected to sign out in the office prior to leaving the school.

Students with a history of course withdrawals due to poor attendance and/or performance may be placed on probation. A student on probation will be referred to the Student Support Program once they have reached a total of five (5) absences.

Parents will be notified in writing when a student has missed ten per cent of a course and will not have a credit granted to them. If there are exceptional circumstances relating to the absences, a parent may request an appeal hearing.

Appeals must be submitted in writing to Hapnot Administration within five school days of the parent/guardian receiving notice of the situation. The parent and student will be asked to appear before the Appeal Review Committee. A student should continue to attend classes during the appeal process.

Technology Policies


Library Computer Use
Students are not to play computer games in the library during class time. Computer games may be played before and after school as well as during the noon hour, provided that students wishing to have access to computers for educational purposes can access a computer. Students will be permitted to access e-mail accounts during non-class time but at no time should they be in chat-rooms or instant messenger.

Computer Labs

Students are not to be on the Internet or playing computer games in Computer Labs during class time, unless the instructor has given permission for this to occur. Permissible games and sites will be at the discretion of the teacher.

Information Storage

Under no circumstances are students to store computer games to their “H’ drives or to the computer’s “C” drive.

Teachers who wish to have appropriate games installed on the system may accomplish this by requesting support from the Division Technical Support Staff.

Consequences for Violation of Acceptable Use Policy

Students not adhering to the Acceptable Use Policy will have their accounts inactivated in a progressive discipline sequence, starting with denial of internet access, restricted network access and ending with account inactivation.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phones may be used by students during breaks, noo hour and after school. Students are expected to have cell phones turned off and out of sight during class time. Cell phones are not to be used as a calculator in any class. Students not adhering to the expectations for cell phone use will be dealt with in a progressive discipline sequence.

Policies re. Student Participation in Field Trips


Hapnot staff recognizes the value of well-planned field trips. We understand the value of each activity both in terms of educational growth and for purposes of just having an enjoyable experience for students and staff. In order that our field trips can continue to operate as well as they have in the past and to promote as little interference with ordinary routine we have developed a policy with regard to participation. We ask you to remember that when you are on a school sponsored field trip, you are ambassadors for your school and your community.

School Fees

CAUTION FEE (refundable):
One time fee of $25.00 upon entering Hapnot

STUDENT FEE (Yearbook / School / Locker):
Gr. 9 – $20.00
Gr. 10 – $20.00
Gr. 11 – $20.00
Gr. 12 – $20.00
Adult Students $10.00

Dependant on the sport and transportation costs.

Band: Instrument rental cost from St. John’s

Woods-Gr.9 $30/Gr.10 $60/Gr.11 $350/Gr.12 $60
Metals- Gr. 9,10,11 – $30

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